How Cancer Networks Increase Hope


While doctors may offer hope to cancer patients with promises of treatment and surgery, they cannot instill hope into their patients. The uncertainty of a cancer patient’s future makes hope something that is hard to attain. However, within all the chaos and confusion comes something that can increase hope within cancer patients: Cancer survivor network groups.

The need for cancer groups increase with the disease’s intensity. For example, a patient with mesothelioma may feel more pressed to join a cancer group than a patient with skin cancer, though there is no intention of downplaying the dangers of skin cancer. Human relation and perception depends on the severity of the situation.

With that being said, here are just a few ways cancer networks can increase hope within cancer patients.


Within every established cancer network are people who have journeyed the road to recovery. They know the struggles, hardships, pains and even joys of treatment. Unlike doctors, whom many have never experienced the actual effects of cancer, the people in the groups can teach the new patients everything they must know to increase their hope.


Beneficial relationships depend on mutual needs. In terms of cancer, patients attend cancer networks to receive hope, sympathy and support from the other members. Though these needs may not be verbally expressed, they are implied, and thus they are met. Every sincere patient within these groups are more than willing to lend support to other patients. In return, they receive support, as well.

When imagining a cancer support group, one might think that it is a very sad and somber atmosphere. However, with most cancer network group meetings, the atmosphere is the complete opposite, with plates of food, light music and laughing. They are not necessarily having a party, but they are celebrating life. Cancer already defeats so many people emotionally, mentally and physically, so group meetings are meant to bring some of that life back.

If you have cancer, you should do everything you can to find a support group near you. Thanks to modern technology, there are even support groups online. This article also lists some benefits of support groups.


David Haas
Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Guest Blogger -


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