(5) Taking a risk!

As each day comes and goes a new task presents itself in my life. Whether it is from dating, work, friends or family something tends to come up.  As these days pass I start to break back into the dating world and lower my wall to see if there is anyone out there that will love me for who I am and in the end someone I will truly fall in love with.  With friends, I keep the ones I got close to me and am very cautious to the new ones I meet.  My family will always be by my side no matter what decisions I choose to make. With this in mind, I had a new choice to make and risk to possibly taking.

My best friend Cliff was there for me every step of the way when I was going through chemotherapy and always cheered me up when I was down at my lowest. One day after I graduated from the police academy he came up to me and said, “dude, let’s move to Santa Monica for a few months!”  There was this place that he was going to be house sitting and didn’t require us to pay rent. So what the hell I was in! With no thorough thought or contemplation I made the decision and decided to take the spontaneous risk.  When I told my family of my intensions they thought I was making a rational decision without thinking about it, but what did I care I wanted to get away from reality. A couple weeks passed, a few interventions with family members later, I was all packed and driving south.  I remember when I first arrived in Santa Monica I headed straight for the beach to watch the sunset.  There I was with my best friend feeling the warm ocean breeze and thinking to myself this is one thing that makes me proud that I fought.

This was by far the best move I could have made for myself, and the sanity I had left after my sickness. But this was only the first week into my crazy three-month journey to find my true meaning of life.

When I was searching through craigslist one morning I came across a 2-month job opportunity for a non-profit cancer organization. I thought to myself, this is a great opportunity to give back to what help save my life.  Both Cliff and I applied for the position and were quickly asked to join their marketing team. Boy was I in for a surprise for what my job duties were, and especially the outfit I had to wear! The first week wasn’t so bad just had to do foot work around LA and go to local businesses to market the organization.  The real task and challenge ahead for me was the opening game of the LA Dodgers. So seeing that this organization was for cancer below the waist, the run/ walk was going to be for everyone to do the run/walk in his or her underwear. This being the case my next assignment for work was to go around the dodger stadium on opening day in my underwear along with Cliff and another team member. What a day it was, with all the pictures that I am sure that made it to facebook or myspace, and all the comments we received while walking around thousands of people.  Do I regret doing it? Not one bit! In fact, I actually think it helped me get outside the box I had been living in my whole life and just to not have a care what others thought of me.

With the adventure of stepping outside my box, came many thoughts and feelings of what to do next to keep pushing myself to explore. Boy did I push and I don’t think I was ready for what was in store.